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Podcast 2018.04.09

Another two hours of top notch tunage tonight from these talented buggers…join me again next Monday from 9pm BST for loads more! Thanks for listening

1. Ramage Inc. – Transparency
2. Mask of Judas – The Conspirator
3. Core of iO – Stuck
4. Like Thieves – Never See It Coming
5. Brutai – Lucidity
6. The Fierce & The Dead – 1991
7. Amplifier – The Consultancy
8. Heart of A Coward – Collapse
9. Ayreon – Day 14: Pride
10. Balloons Kill Babies – Breach
11. Shattered Skies – Hold On For Your Life

1. Sikth – Vivid
2. Boss Keloid – Peykruve
3. The Arusha Accord – The New Face Of Revenge
4. Black Orchid Empire – Celebrity Summer
5. Vermilion – Syntax
6. Twelve Foot Ninja – Dig For Bones
7. Shokran – Disfigured Hand
8. The Cartographer – Hyde
9. Disperse – Unbroken Shiver
10. Sentience – The Pineal Gland


Interview: Auri at The Black Heart. 27th March

I made a last minute decision to travel up to Camden to catch Auri at the Black Heart to satisfy my cravings for discordant, cathartic filth. Auri are a dissonant black metal band who were only playing...


PMM – Show 105 Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is back with a bang this coming Monday from 9pm BST, I hope those ears are rested up as they are in for a battering! I’ll be spinning some brand new tunes from Mask of Judas,...