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The book of Prog Metal Madness – Inception

“You know what I love?” said Lee Davidson.

“What do you love?” said Mike Pearce.

“I love prog, metal, tech djent, jazz-metal – mate, pretty much any music that’s mad!” replied Lee.

“Me too” said Mike.

And lo, thus it was spake.

The book of Prog Metal Madness – The Beginnings

“There’s a slot available for a radio show on Ridge Radio, a community radio station in the Tandridge area”, said Lee.

“Is that the Ridge Radio community radio station that broadcasts on the internet, so can be listened to globally?” asked Mike.

“The same, ” said Lee, “I’m going to get trained on how to use the equipment and then do a show between 9 and 11pm, on Mondays”.

“Sounds good, ” said Mike, “What will you play?”

“Prog, metal, tech djent, jazz-metal – mad stuff too!”, said Lee, “I’m going to call it Prog Metal Madness.”

“Sound fucking great mate!” exclaimed Mike, “Can’t wait!”

“Can you help me with the audio and website and stuff?” asked Lee.

“Course I can mate, ” said Mike, “Call me The Producer!

“You are The Producer and I am The DJ and Host” proclaimed Lee.

And lo, thus it was spake.

The book of Prog Metal Madness – Now

And Now, the word of Prog Metal Madness is broadcast Mondays, 9-11pm GMT on RidgeRadio.co.uk and the word is good.