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Review: Desiign – Epitome of Progress!

It takes a lot of time to make quality music and it’s understandable but frustrating to have to wait a few years for a new release from your favourite band to be delivered into your cranium. That’s the beauty with a damn fine debut, all the joy of hearing an amazing set of tunes yet as you didn’t know they were coming nor the band they were coming on before their release then you haven’t had to suffer the wait, hurrah! What started as a recording project between Jack Davenport and Kaung-Myat Aye in 2015 has evolved with the addition of drummer Jamie Black and vocalist Oliver Wardell into a superb collection of prog rock and metal ditties that you had no idea you needed until now!

Epitome of Progress is the debut EP from Desiign, comprised of four main tracks which despite running under twenty minutes, are packed full of ideas and a variety of styles! A short interlude piece plays out before the first track ‘Clarity’, the EP’s lead single begins with a softly sung intro with accompanying guitar gives in to a funky rhythm and a building guitar as the song begins in earnest. This lengthier track, as with follower ‘Diverse’ sound like a beautiful blend of early Riverside, Caligulas Horse and Maschine and will appeal to fans of them all. A blend of soft passages, heavier rhythmical sections and well crafted melodies which will be sticking with you for days…hell, weeks and months even!

The latter two tracks on the release are the shorter ‘Caldera’ and ‘Light’, the former of which kicks off with a heavy groove before breaking down halfway into a more melodic driven piece reminiscent of more recent Tesseract releases whilst the latter has a more ‘indie’ feel to it. For such a small release the variety of the bands styles is a great showcase for them.

Overall this is a superb release and for a debut even more impressive! Musically the band have crafted some beautiful songs with plenty of variety of style presented with wonderful musicianship and vocally Oliver Wardells voice reminds me of Paul Draper of Mansun and its fantastically suited to the showcase of tunes on the EP!

Now the bad bit…Goddamn you Desiign for adding to the list of bands I am now frustratingly awaiting new material from! At least in the meantime can you please get down to London so I can see this performed live?!

You can check out and get your own copy of Desiign’s Epitome of Progress right here: and I suggest you do so now!

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Review: Arcaeon – ‘Balance’

Beginning a new year on the radio is always a bit difficult. After a rush of last minute releases in December the music industry seems to fall into a deep sleep over the holiday period from which it takes...

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Review: The Ripper by Possessor

There isn't a bad song on this album, each track is crafted out of pure heavy metal, tempered in the forges of thrash and decorated with the blood of all the weak that went before it.

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Review : Polkadot Cadaver – Get Possessed!

I often wonder what would happen should the police one day raid the home of Todd Smith only to discover his copious amounts of notebooks with lyrics and notes which would make even the most ardent of...

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Review: Long Way Back To The Moon by the Galactic Cowboys

Of all the possible announcements containing the phrase, “we’re putting the band back together,” I had always hoped the day would come when we got to hear those words from the Galactic Cowboys. Me...

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Review : In Search of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother!

It may be bad form to start a review for one band by referencing another but I am a huge fan of Dog Fashion Disco and always have been. I went to see them back in 2015 and thankfully arrived in good time...

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Review: Ido+syncrasis by Troldhaugen

Usually, when my head fills up with bees, I blow a large bubble, using the gum I bought from Colonel Saunders in the Fried Chicken war of 82, and let them all out in one giant huffff. This often frees up...

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Review: A Cold Dark Place by Mastodon

The music of Mastodon has come a long way since their first album. Each new release has seen them become a little more commercial, a little more acceptable and the purist in my dislikes this. However,...

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Review: Mutation III – Dark Black

It was Oscar Wilde who popularised the term “life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” He was making a direct commentary on the way the artist interprets the world around them and how this...

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Album Review: Melancholia Hymns by Arcane Roots

In December 2012, I was dragged along to The Old Blue Last, there was some live music and some fine beer, so I went along. The first band that played, was an experimental rock group called Gallops and...