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Podcast 2019.07.01

Thanks any and all for listening to the Penultimate.Metal.Madness! and thanks to Twelve Foot Ninja for being a dream to interview! Be sure to tune in to the last Prog.Metal.Madness! party fom 7-11pm Monday 15th July only on Ridge Radio. Heres what was played tonight! PMM-Show-154-010719 Set-1 1. Astronoid – A New Colour 2. The Contortionist – […]

Podcast 2019.06.24

To everyone attending this years UK Tech-Fest next week we salute you! Heres a little playlist we put together for the radio tonight in your honour! Have a f*kin blast! Set-1 Siamese – Ocean Bed Cold Night For Alligators – Canaille Ravenface – Underworld Odd Palace – The Unknown From Sorrow to Serenity – Reclaim […]

Podcast 2019.06.10

Hope you enjoyed tonights Prog.Metal.Madness! Plenty of tunes to keep you going whilst awaiting the next PMM radio show, I’m back on Monday the 23rd, catch you then. Here’s what was played tonight: PMM-Show-152-100619 Set-1 Haken – Nil By Mouth Phoxjaw – Melt, You’re A Face of Wax Erra – Disarry Daniel Tompkins – Black […]

Podcast 2019.06.03

Fantastic tunes, new and old in the first half and a massive slice of this weekends Portals festival in the second! (Thanks Barry!) This is what was on the playlist this week: PMM-Show-151-030619 Set-1 1. Uneven Structure – Funamble 2. Artificial Language – The Back of My Mind 3. Protest the Hero – Tilting Against […]

Podcast 2019.05.20

Some massive tracks on tonights show, I thank you for listening and hope you dug what you heard…’twas this: PMM-Show-150-200519Set-11. Sikth – Philistine Philosophies2. Destrage – The Chosen One3. Polyphia – Saucy4. Aeon Zen – Another Piece That Fits5. Time, The Valuator – Elusive Reasons6. Troldhaugen – E.E.T7. Hypophora – Etoliate8. Brocken Spectre – Azarath […]

Podcast 2019.05.13

We did it! A show full of brand new and classic tunes, a nod to the 12 best Prog Metal bands on this years Download Festival…and I hit record! Here’s what was played: PMM-Show-149-130519 Set-1 1. Pteroglyph – Crown of Bones 2. Borders – Damage Everything 3. Valis Ablaze – Proxy 4. EnomaE – Carved […]

Podcast 2019.04.15

A massive Prog.Metal.Madness! show tonight with a triple helping of Aeon Zen and a double helping of Rabea. I hope you enjoyed the show, lets do it again next week…until then heres what was heard: PMM-Show-147-150419 Set-1 Phoxjaw – Triceratops Periphery – Blood Eagle The They – Lost & Found To Octavia – Made To […]

Podcast 2019.04.08

A reet old eclectic mix for you this evening, a great mix for the open minded from these talented mother-hubbards: PMM-Show-146-010419 Set-1 1. Shields – In The Grey 2. Pineapple Express – Uplift 3. Andromida – Malfunction 4. Lord Dying – Freed From The Pressures of Time 5. Boss Keloid – Lokannok 6. Circles – […]

Podcast 2019.03.25

That’s a wrap for this weeks show, tunes new and old for you from some absolutely amazing bands over half of which you can check out live this weekend at our gig…did I tell you about it? 😉 Here’s what was played PMM-Show-145-250319 Set-1 Rendezvous Point – Apollo To Octavia – XIII Mirrors – Cold […]

Podcast 2018.01.15

This Monday nights mental mix tape was brought to you from these crazily talented folk: PMM-Show-144-180319 Set-1 1. Vola – Starburn 2. Port Noir – Young Bloods 3. Semantic Saturation – Ulterior Harmony 4. Crooked Royals – Rumination 5. The Paper Chase – Now Your Gonna Get It 6. Dividium – Would You Kindly 7. […]