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Podcast 2019.04.15

A massive Prog.Metal.Madness! show tonight with a triple helping of Aeon Zen and a double helping of Rabea. I hope you enjoyed the show, lets do it again next week…until then heres what was heard: PMM-Show-147-150419 Set-1 Phoxjaw – Triceratops Periphery – Blood Eagle The They – Lost & Found To Octavia – Made To […]

Podcast 2019.04.08

A reet old eclectic mix for you this evening, a great mix for the open minded from these talented mother-hubbards: PMM-Show-146-010419 Set-1 1. Shields – In The Grey 2. Pineapple Express – Uplift 3. Andromida – Malfunction 4. Lord Dying – Freed From The Pressures of Time 5. Boss Keloid – Lokannok 6. Circles – […]

Podcast 2019.03.25

That’s a wrap for this weeks show, tunes new and old for you from some absolutely amazing bands over half of which you can check out live this weekend at our gig…did I tell you about it? 😉 Here’s what was played PMM-Show-145-250319 Set-1 Rendezvous Point – Apollo To Octavia – XIII Mirrors – Cold […]

Podcast 2018.01.15

This Monday nights mental mix tape was brought to you from these crazily talented folk: PMM-Show-144-180319 Set-1 1. Vola – Starburn 2. Port Noir – Young Bloods 3. Semantic Saturation – Ulterior Harmony 4. Crooked Royals – Rumination 5. The Paper Chase – Now Your Gonna Get It 6. Dividium – Would You Kindly 7. […]

Podcast 2019.03.11

Another Monday, another great mix of tunes! Thanks to all the bands who made up the playlist and for you folk for listening! Heres what you heard: PMM-Show-143-110319 Set-1 1. Dog Fashion Disco – Moonlight City Drive 2. Enenra – Obsolete 3. Seims – Translucence 4. Lord Dying – Envy The End 5. Lithium Dawn […]

Podcast 2019.03.04

Thanks all you lovely folk with your weird and wonderful tastes, it’s a pleasure to get a show together for you…with tracks like these. Heres what was played tonight, tune in again next Monday from 9pm GMT for loads more… PMM-Show-142-040319 Set-1 1. Oceans of Slumber – Fleeting Vigilance 2. Four Stroke Baron – Machine […]

Podcast 25.02.2019

Some fantastic new releases and an assortment of crazy cool tunes this week from these talented rapscallians. Cheers for checking out the show, join me next Monday from 9pm for loads more! PMM-Show-141-250219 Set-1 1. Pteroglyph – Left Blind 2. The Omnific – The Stoic 3. Orpheus – Osiris 4. Frauds – Sandwiches 5. Sikth […]

Podcast 11.02.2019

Another week, another truck load of stonking great sounds for you on Prog.Metal.Madness! This week had some fantastic tracks from these fine folk: PMM-Show-140-110219 Set-1 1. Prognosis – The Sycophant 2. Sumer – Pinch, Cut 3. Blind Summit – Essence 4. Elyne – Wake Up 5. Encipher – Empyrean 6. Rolo Tomassi – The Hollow […]

Podcast 04.02.2019

Much musical mayhem was had on this weeks Prog.Metal.Madness! A swathe of tunes to serve any self-respecting metalheads palate, I hope you enjoyed the show!…here’s what was played: PMM-Show-139-040219 Set-1 1. Opeth – Beneath The Mire 2. Source – Benjamin 3. Visenya – Proxima 4. Black Coast – Weird 5. Chiasmata – Haustorium 6. Kadinja […]

Podcast 21.01.2019

A great mix of tunes and many a vocal bumbling, thats Prog.Metal.Madness! for you in a tin…heres the tunes that made it a great show, thanks all for listening PMM is back Monday 4th of Feb: PMM-Show-138-210119 Set-1 1. Skyharbor – Menace 2. Astronoid – A New Color 3. The Guts – Slipped Disco 4. […]