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Podcast 2018.03.26

That’s it, shows over! Hope you had a chance to listen in as it was packed with brand new tunes for your ears to savour…if not then we’ll have the podcast up for you asap! No show next week so please join me again on Monday the 9th of April from 9pm BST for some more beautiful noise…until then here’s what was played tonight:

1. Leprous – Mirage
2. Fractals – Vulcano
3. Bright Ophidia – Stronghold
4. Valis Ablaze – Frequency
5. Ravenface – Underworld
6. Halo Tora – Earth Exit Bloom
7. Redwood Avenue – Inane
8. King Goat – Doldrum Sentinels
9. Face The Maybe – Seth
10. Shields – Black Dog

1. Graham Young – Don’t Mention The Wardrobe
2. Dividium – Send Nudes
3. Port Noir – Black From The Ink
4. The Ever Living – Interrotron
5. Plini – Salt+Charcol
6. Persefone – Lak’Ech
7. Awooga – Temporal
8. Fallujah – Abandon
9. Caligula’s Horse – Songs For Noone


Podcast 21.08.2017

Another eclectic mix, get your ear-drums around this lot! PMM-Show-76-210817 Set-1 1. Northlane – Citizen 2. Arch Echo – Afterburger 3. Defences – Two Steps Back 4. Artificial Language...


PMM – Show Update!

Some top and tasty tunes to play you on Mondays show, the 10th of April from 9pm on Ridge Radio! Some of the finest Prog and Tech metal tunes, this week from the likes of Teramaze, The Algorithm,...


PMM – Show Update!

Tune in to Ridge Radio this Monday the 20th at 9pm GMT for another great dose of the latest and greatest in Prog and Tech metal! Some great new tracks this week from the likes of Clockwork,  New...


PMM Podcast 14.11.16

PMM-Show-41-141116 Set-1 1. Headspace – Fall of America 2. Napoleon – Remedy 3. Their Dogs Were Astronauts – Checkpoint 4 4. Shattered Skies – The End and the Rebirth 5. Harbinger...

Album Review

Review – Hieroglyph ‘Ouroborus’

Hieroglyph are a progressive tech metal band hailing from Leeds and London who burst on to the scene back in 2014 with both a double single Parasitus/Ozymandias and then the amazing breakthough EP...


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