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Podcast 21.01.2019

A great mix of tunes and many a vocal bumbling, thats Prog.Metal.Madness! for you in a tin…heres the tunes that made it a great show, thanks all for listening PMM is back Monday 4th of Feb:


1. Skyharbor – Menace
2. Astronoid – A New Color
3. The Guts – Slipped Disco
4. Ramage Inc. – Rhino
5. Defences – Alleviate
6. Ghost Iris – Final Tale
7. TrYangle – A Grinding Throne Gathers No Moss
8. Pineapple Express – The Mad Song
9. Good Tiger – Nineteen Grams
10. Apey & The Pea – Hex
11. The End of The Ocean – Homesick

1. Halo Tora – Earth Exit Bloom
2. Jinjer – Perennial
3. Odd Logic – Master of The Moor
4. Sail – Righteous
5. Shokran – Disfigured Hand
6. Branch Arterial – Alone Together
7. Traveller – Akogare
8. Five The Hierophant – Vampire
9. Hyvmine – Feather Bed


Podcast 2018.03.05

Well, what a bloody great bunch of tracks tonight! Thanks any and all for listening and to all the bands who put out such fantastic music…shall we do it again next week? PMM-Show-101-26022018 Set-1...


PMM – Show Update!

Sadly, Mondays Prog.Metal.Madness! is the last show of the year but its a big one! We are going to be announcing the bands that will be playing the Prog.Metal.Madness! Live All-Dayer in February plus...


PMM – Show Update!

Mondays Prog.Metal.Madness! brings another great dose of the latest and greatest in Prog, Tech and other great underground metal styles! With new tunes from Rolo Tomassi, Polkadot Cadaver, Galactic...