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Podcast 2019.01.14

A self indulgent show tonight, stoking myself up with tunes from the bands playing the PMM Live show in March and some choice tunes from others of course! Here’s what was spun…


1. Ihsahn – Arcana Imperii
2. Hypophora – Chemical X
3. Vrona – Tundra
4. The Interbeing – Sins of the Mechanical
5. Barrabus – Porn
6. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Truth Escapes
7. Villainous – Ephemeral
8. Odd Palace – Delirious
9. Gojira – The Cell
10. Voices From The Fuselage – Nine Levels

1. Meridian Sun – The Curse
2. Chiasmata – Subsidia
3. Sectile – The Hunt
4. Sumer – End of Sense
5. Blind Summit – Subservient
6. Intronaut – The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing


Podcast 2018.11.12

Well…that was fun! Some fantastic tracks on tonights show from some immensely talented artists and bands. Thanks any and all for giving it a listen, the show is back on Monday the 26th of November....


Podcast 2018.05.28

To anyone who gave the show a listen tonight I thankya, next week we reveal who will be playing this summers PMM Live! All-Dayer so be sure to tune in from 9pm BST next Monday, until then here’s...


PMM – Show 112 Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is live on Monday night from 9pm playing the very latest and greatest in Prog and Tech metal! Top tunes this week come from the very talented hands of Destrage, Static Sky, Soen, Black...


Podcast 2018-04-30

Another eclectic noise fest on tonight’s Prog.Metal.Madness! Hope you enjoyed it and come back for more next Monday, until then here are the talented lads n lasses who destroyed my ear drums this...


PMM – Show 108 Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is back for another Prog Metal Monday mashup of the latest and greatest underground sounds on Monday 30th. Join me for some brand new music from Boss Keloid, Drown This City, The Word...


Podcast 2018.03.12

A mixed bag of underground sounds for you again tonight, hope you had a chance to check it out, if so I thankya! The talent this evening was brought to you from these fine folk: PMM-Show-102-120318 Set-1...


Prog.Metal.Madness! Show 102 Update!

Be sure to tune in to Prog.Metal.Madness! on Ridge Radio this coming Monday night for the latest tunes from Conjurer, Ihsahn, James Phillips, Karab, Porshyne, Press To Meco and Rolo Tomassi, amazing music...

Album Review

Review : Pteroglyph – ‘Death of a Prince’

Sure I’m almost a month late in doing this one but there was no way I was going to let it pass without writing a few words as I simply cannot stop playing this bloody album! Pteroglyph is the brain...


PMM – Show Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is back in earnest this coming Monday 24th at 9pm BST on Ridge Radio! Be sure to tune in to listen to the latest and greatest tracks from the fringe metal scenes. New tunes abound...