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Podcast 2019.03.25

That’s a wrap for this weeks show, tunes new and old for you from some absolutely amazing bands over half of which you can check out live this weekend at our gig…did I tell you about it? 😉

Here’s what was played



  1. Rendezvous Point – Apollo
  2. To Octavia – XIII
  3. Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary
  4. Arch Echo – Immediate Results!
  5. Dienamic – Terra Interficit
  6. The They – Unspeakable
  7. Frauds – Suck Jobs
  8. Merrick’s Tusk – Blueprint
  9. Meridian Sun – The Curse


  1. Blind Summit – Essence
  2. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Wires/Dream\Wires
  3. Sectile – Invisible Threads
  4. Hypophora – Cars Run On Friendship
  5. Voices From The Fuselage – The Monolith
  6. Chiasmata – Haustorium
  7. Villainous – In Solace
  8. Vrona – Impermanence
  9. Sumer – Chisel

Podcast 2019.01.14

A self indulgent show tonight, stoking myself up with tunes from the bands playing the PMM Live show in March and some choice tunes from others of course! Here’s what was spun…...


Podcast 2018.12.03

Thanks all for tuning in tonight, hope you enjoyed what you heard and will tune in next Monday from 9pm! To all the bands who made up the tracklist, thanks so much for the music, there’s no show...