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Podcast 04.02.2019

Much musical mayhem was had on this weeks Prog.Metal.Madness! A swathe of tunes to serve any self-respecting metalheads palate, I hope you enjoyed the show!…here’s what was played:


1. Opeth – Beneath The Mire
2. Source – Benjamin
3. Visenya – Proxima
4. Black Coast – Weird
5. Chiasmata – Haustorium
6. Kadinja – The Modern Rage
7. My Ticket Home – Time Kills Everything
8. From Sorrow To Serenity – We Are Liberty
9. Animals As Leaders – Arithmophobia
10. The Guts – Dice
11. The Contortionist – Integration

1. Bird Problems – The Harpist
2. Moon Tooth – Trust
3. Arcaeon – Mind’s Eye
4. Kaiber Koi – Archaic Wave
5. As Everything Unfolds – Centuries
6. Gold Key – Mess
7. Fractions – Soundness of: Mind
8. Fallen Legion – Monster Reborn
9. City of Souls – Wolf
10. Adromida – Incorruptible
11. Seas of Conflict – Monachopsis


Podcast 29.02.2018

If you caught the show tonight then huge thanks, if you didnt then im sure the podcast wont be far away! Some amazing tunes from many amazing bands, these ones infact: PMM-Show-97-290118 Set-1 1. Opeth...


PMM – Show Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! The radio show with the finest fringe metal sounds is back on Monday from 9pm on Ridge Radio playing you the latest and greatest in Prog, Tech, Djent, Math, Metalcore, Jazz-Metal and...

Album Review

Nova Collective – The Further Side

This review originally came out of my face as a stream-of-consciousness, blow-by-blow of each track, but it was a terrifying mess – even I feared for my own sanity – this is what this album...


Opeth – New Single!

Opeth have released their latest single ‘Era’ from last years amazing Sorceress album! The bands twelfth full release sees them seamlessly blending progressive metal with their darker roots...


Prog.Metal.Madness! – 2016’s Top Release Countdown!

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Soen – Album Pre-order and New Song!

Soen are due to release their next album ‘Lykaia’ on the 3rd of February 2017, the long awaited follow-up to 2014’s amazing Tellurian album! Check out the tune ‘Sectarian’...


Opeth – Yet Another New Tune!

Check out the latest track’The Wilde Flowers’ from the forthcoming ‘Sorceress’ album that Opeth have sneakily dropped on to YouTube for your listening pleasure!


Opeth – New Single and Lyric Video!

Check out the latest release from Opeth,  ‘Will O The Wisp’ lyric video, the latest track to be aired from their forthcoming ‘Sorceress’ album!


Opeth – Shows Update Sydney, New York, London

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce Opeth will be playing the famous Sydney Opera House on February 6th, 2017! In addition, to celebrate the re-issues of Damnation & Deliverance and...