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Podcast 2018.12.03

Thanks all for tuning in tonight, hope you enjoyed what you heard and will tune in next Monday from 9pm! To all the bands who made up the tracklist, thanks so much for the music, there’s no show without you! Here’s who you heard:

1. The Ocean – Permian: The Great Dying
2. Sithu Aye – Primary Ignition
3. Erra – Hyperreality
4. Ghost Iris – Cowardly Pride
5. Haken – A Cell Divides
6. Nothing But Echoes – No Cure
7. Black Orchid Empire – My Favourite Stranger
8. As Everything Unfolds – Despondency
9. Gold Key – Mess
10. Leprous – Passing

1. Ravenface – Breathe Again
2. Panzerballet – Let It Snow
3. Night Verses – Cooper Wasp
4. Passengers – Faces of Janus
5. Here on Earth – Inhumane Tools
6. Astronoid – I Dream In Lines
7. Jinjer – Dreadful Moments
8. Meridian Sun – The Curse


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