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Review – The Crevassian E.P.

The best way to discover new music is to make time to listen to the folk making it. Now that may sound bloody obvious but hear me out! On social media such as Facebook in this case, there are countless groups specifically set up by fans and musicians for the genres of music you like, yes, even you. And on these groups bands starting out finally get a chance to be heard and begin to grow their following, and sure there may be many an average or even below average output as some of these bands find their feet or just follow some other bands sound but occasionally, just occasionally a band will absolutely nail it with their first contribution. So when I first heard Crevassian’s debut single ‘Premonition’ after hitting the video on my Facebook feed last year on a whim I was blown away by its power and delivery.

Over a year on and I have continued to follow the band, its no secret that I’ve been so impressed by their music both recorded and live that I have booked them for several gigs, including last February’s PMM Live where yet again they had folk in stunned silence and lesser musicians abandoning their instruments. Which brings us to this release, their debut and self-titled E.P. which consists of four tracks one of which, ‘Firmament’ was released as the lead ‘teaser’ single in October.

The artwork for each release has seen a different shot of ominous looking mountain ranges or peaks and this couldn’t be a better description of the music that it portrays. Each tune is a an epic, instrumental soundscape which sweeps between a frantic aural assault to expansive open passages to take the listener on a bleak but beautiful journey.

The EP kicks off into the turmoil of ‘Tempest’ which is aptly names as we are blown from pillar to post by the maelstrom of noise, the twin guitars of Cody Gaffney and James Humphries alternatively complimenting each others melodies or joining for a crushing riff whilst Nick Povey cements the rhythm and Luke Fabian’s insane bass work shifts between the fore and backgrounds. ‘Firmament’ starts with calmer waters yet slowly builds its layers to a fantastic conclusion over its five minute run time, we’re only eight minutes into the EP and you feel exhausted!


‘Those Forever Ghosts’ is as haunting as its name suggests and one where the ethereal lead guitar floats over an ever shifting sequence of riffs, I’d only ever heard this live before and its a wonder to hear it finally put down. The final track, ‘Summit’ is the beast! Clocking in at just under ten minutes the tune twists and turns from ambiance to crushing brutality juxtaposing a feeling of claustrophobia with infinite space…now that’s an impressive feat to achieve!

Overall, the Crevassian E.P. is a ridiculously impressive debut for fans of bleak instrumental soundscapes which takes influence from the Tech, Prog, Math and Post-Rock genres!

For fans of Isis, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and Telepathy!

Get yourself a copy right here: https://crevassian.bandcamp.com/


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