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Podcast 2018.05.07

Hot day, hot studio but even hotter music, some fantastic tunes on tonight s show, hope you dug it! Here’s what we played:


1. Jinjer – I Speak Astronomy
2. Infinitee – Lost
3. First Signs of Frost – White Flag
4. Arcane Roots – Matter
5. The Guts – Flesh Prince
6. Press To Meco – Howl
7. Erra – Continuum
8. Alaya – Grace
9. Protean Collective – A Thousand Years
10. Despite – Breathe
11. Hyvmine – Fire Escape
12. The Ever Living – Apex Minor

1. Artificial Language – Turn Off The Pictures
2. Gabriel Lucas – The Dwelling
3. Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – You Make Wonderful Pictures
4. Desiign – Caldera
5. Oceans of Slumber – Fleeting Vigilance
6. Animals as Leaders – Private Visions of the World
7. Circus Maximus – Loath
8. Tapestry – Retrospect
9. Eidola – Tetelestai
10. Harnessing The Universe – Beyond The Bright

Image by Vova Disorder – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36479376


Podcast 06.11.17

Well, that was a blast! Some killer tracks on this weeks show, check them out and see for yourself…and tune in again next Monday from 9pm GMT! PMM-Show-87-061117 Set-1 1.Ravenface – Last Man...


PMM – Show Update!

Mondays show brings some top tunes by some fantastic bands, be sure to tune in from 9pm GMT to catch them! An eclectic mix of underground styles from the likes of Ravenface, Tryangle, Vrona, Barrabus,...