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Podcast 2019.03.04

Thanks all you lovely folk with your weird and wonderful tastes, it’s a pleasure to get a show together for you…with tracks like these. Heres what was played tonight, tune in again next Monday from 9pm GMT for loads more…



1. Oceans of Slumber – Fleeting Vigilance
2. Four Stroke Baron – Machine and Joy
3. Schiermann – Amarantine
4. From Sorrow To Serenity – Reclaim
5. Rogue – Afterglow
6. Julian Domanski – Spectral Analysis
7. The Mechanist – End of the Line
8. Far From Refuge – The Architect
9. Fantomas – Cape Fear
10. Sectile – The Hunt
11. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Truth Escapes


1. Haken – Veil
2. Jinjer – Teacher, Teacher!
3. Monkey3 – Mass
4. Sworn Against – Believe
5. Opus of a Machine – Up.Out
6. Avandra – Derelict Minds
7. Kadinja – Veronique
8. Kingcrow – Closer


Podcast 2019.01.14

A self indulgent show tonight, stoking myself up with tunes from the bands playing the PMM Live show in March and some choice tunes from others of course! Here’s what was spun…...


Podcast 2018.11.12

Well…that was fun! Some fantastic tracks on tonights show from some immensely talented artists and bands. Thanks any and all for giving it a listen, the show is back on Monday the 26th of November....


PMM – Show 131 Update!

Another fantastic selection of tunes is coming your way on Monday’s Prog.Metal.Madness! Amazing new music from The Ocean, Toska, Others By Noone, Sectile, The Omnific, TrYangle, Ohhms, The End of...