Shokran – New Album Details

From the mouth of the band itself:

“Friends, folks and fellas.

We kept silent for more than two years, unable to give you the “fruit of the labor” before the time when it finally matures.

And yeah, finally we can do it. This is two years of hard work, two years of improvements and experiences. As a result, we want to present you our new work, brand new album called “Exodus”, in which you will hear the echoes of your beloved “Supreme Truth” album, but it is something completely new, unusual. Something better, in our view.

We are pleased to announce you the launch of the PRE-ORDER from this day. The album is available for all electronic stores:

Google Play:

For Apple Music, alas, it will not be available but other stores and streaming services in business!

For those who want to buy CDs we made a gift-instrumental version of the album. It will be available exclusively on physical copies. Hurry up to buy it. Pre-order of the CD could be issued by Bandcamp’s form.

And there will be much more interesting things we’ve been preparing for you, we assure you.

Sincerely yours,

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