Review Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon

I don’t have time to write a full review, but let it be known, I’ve listened to this album about 300 times and it’s still not got old. It’s a different kind of prog that pulls from genre greats like Rush and Dream Theatre, and from newer greats, like Devin, Opeth and Tool and is for fans of all of these, and more (especially if you enjoy stuff like Native Construct).

The track “Queen Wolf” winds you through a melodic, symphonic, ear caressing five minutes of an opener. When the vocals start, at first, you’ll be all “what the hell?”, then after a while, you’ll be all “OMG!” – they really work. The musicianship is in evidence across the album, from the excellently titled “Bats in the Attic”, which kind of reminds me Mastodon, if they added a bit of lounge music to their tracks to the hard hitting, shouty, Sabbath-y (with a touch of Pantera) “Belt Squeezer”.

“Chroma” has a lovely melody which wouldn’t be out of place on a QOTSA album (and the vocals wouldn’t be out of place on an Incubus album), but still fills you with proggy goodness. My only concern for this album is it’s a bit broad in it’s musical style. This doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, but does make me wonder what they’ll do for the next album – more of the same might be too much.

Moon Tooth is John Carbone, guitarist Nick Lee, bassist Vincent Romanelli, and drummer Ray Marte and you can listen and buy the album from Band Camp:

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