PMM Live! – The Aftermath

Prog.Metal.Madness! would like to say a HUGE thankyou to the bands and the fans who made our first ever gig a most memorable one!

First up to our headliners Hieroglyph, who despite falling victim to the venues sound issues and failing PA (Braidy, apparently its all your fault for being too good and hard hitting a drummer!) and a waning audience due to this, put on an incredible and energetic performance with choice tracks from the forthcoming album interlaced with their classic back catalogue! As ever when seeing the band, I was left speechless in awe!

Possessor also sadly had issues with sound but this more due to leads and it thankfully didn’t stop them sludging their way through some top tracks from their catalogue! Their riffs sounded crushing and energy was immense!

The Parallax Method teased us again by playing their forthcoming EP in its entirety and had the musicians in the room weeping in despair at the technicality of their compositions, they truly were a delight to watch, spell binding!

It was Quella’s debut gig and I’m chuffed to say that they/we (yeah, I’m the bassist) managed to get through our set to a great response from the audience and hopefully won the curiosity of folk who will check us out in future, it was amazing to be on a bill with such great bands!

So once again, thank you all for such a great evening…here’s some pics for ya!






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