Arcade Messiah – New Album Pre-Order!

Here at Prog.Metal.Madness! we have been waiting with baited breath for this one, and the wait is nearly over! The new Arcade Messiah album will be in our grubby little paws very soon and you can get it the very first day by pre-ordering now!

…I’ll let the man speak for himeself:


Arcade Messiah Album No 3 is now available to preorder on bandcamp at

All Preorders come with the track “Revolver” which is now streaming on the page.
Arcade Messiah III has certainly been a labour of love for me, this is the most I have refined a record to the degree that I have done with this album, I incorporated many new production techniques and have learned a lot from the experience of putting this record together. I’m very excited to release this out into the wild and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Arcade Messiah III is going to be a digital only release, it was initially going to be a CD release like the previous 2 albums but my recent move over to Ireland has left me a little short of funds and so digital only is the more sensible option for me.

Over the next couple of weeks before release date, look out for a couple of videos that will accompany this album release.

The tracklist is as follows
1. Revolver
2. Citadel
3. Deliverance
4. Life Clock
5. Black Tree
6. Sanctuary

Thanks for your continued support

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