The Algorithm – New EP!

Brute Force: Overclock sets out to be the first ever DLC expansion released for a music album. Inspired by the DLC gaming concept of an-add on that enriches the original experience with new features and story lines, Brute Force: Overclock expands the musical universe created by the full-length album Brute Force released 1 April 2016.

This is what the THE ALGORITHM mastermind Rémi Gallego has to say:

“Overclock is a journey through the dark and warm corners of the Brute Force concept. Writing an album with a consistent atmosphere sometimes mean some ideas have to be left off or just cannot be exploited to their fullest. This first DLC expansion is a means for me to dive into some specific aspects of my style that were a bit absent from the release, and experiment and develop them like they deserve. More than a collection of tracks that didn’t make it on the album, this EP is an extension, an another perspective on the Brute Force story.”

Brute Force: Overclock is released today 25 November via FiXT and features three brand new tracks + a Brute Force remix from fellow producer Drumcorps.


1. idle
2. overclock
3. double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
4. floating point (Drumcorps Remix)

Two bundles for the DLC expansion are available, one with added midi files and one with the midi files and poster:

If you prefer iTunes, Amazon or any streaming service you can just follow this link:

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