Cambion – Take A Hiatus!

Cambion, a powerhouse of progressive and technical metal styles have today announced that they will be taking a break from music for an undefined amount of time. They are a great band and I’m happy I have had the fortune of seeing play, I wish them well on behalf of Prog.Metal.Madness! and await their return with baited breath! Here’s the announcement:

“As some of you may be aware, we have regrettably had to cancel our up and coming shows.

We are deeply sorry to everyone involved, you the fans, promoters, and all else involved.

This is the really difficult bit…
But we as a band have decided due to many reasons, including financial issues at present, that we absolutely need to take some time out. To re-focus, re- charge.
Please understand that we wouldn’t choose to do this if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. We know how much Cambion means to a lot of people, it means a lot to us, and we hope you can understand and support us in the most difficult decision we’ve had to ever make as a band, that there are situations which need to be resolved before we can continue.
We can’t say how long this hiatus will be for, but rest assured we are doing all we can do avoid any huge length of time.
To everyone who’s supported Cambion, it’s means everything to us, and hope you will still be there for when things are resolved.
Thank You everybody!
Elliott, Marc, Jonny, Frank”

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