BEAR stream new album a day before release

Holy cow music fans, Bear, the Belgian math metallers release their new album ‘///’ tomorrow (frankly, that is the worst name for an album though, how do you google for that?). And they’re streaming the whole thing in advance!

Here are some words from the fine PR folk:
/// is BEAR’s most evocative and vitriolic album to date, comprising of 11 blistering tracks of crushingly heavy rhythms, distorted harmonies and demonic growls. Bearing resemblance to tech metal forerunners Meshuggah and the no-nonsense aggression of The Dillinger Escape Plan, BEAR exude a stylistic chaotic quality which stands them head and shoulders above their peers. /// was co-produced by the band themselves and Stef Exelmans and recorded at ATMO studios in Westerlo, Belgium.

Check it out:

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