Review: Travel Amygdala – ‘Regeneration’

We have to wait a fair old time for Travel Amygdala to get in the studio due to their seemingly constant live shows but when they do manage to get in you know they are going to create something special. This short but wonderfully sweet release is the three track ‘Regeneration’ EP which showcases the talents of the band after some line-up changes occurred between this and the last EP ‘This is Nothing’.
Despite being only three bites big ‘Regeneration’ is packed with variety, to the point that it each of its songs could quite easily be from different bands, after hearing this you will still be none-the-wiser as to how the next single, EP or even album (we can hope!) will sound, only that it be a high priority to find out! I do have one criticism other than the EP’s brevity and that would be the production which is sadly not as clear as was for ‘This is Nothing’, at points the guitar especially isn’t as crushingly full as you feel it should have been but this really doesn’t detract too much from the material therein.
The EP opens with ‘Godzydala’, clocking in at just under three minutes and guaranteed to be a pit favourite, the tempos and riffs vary constantly as the band seem to channel their inner Pantera. Its raw, its dirty and bloody hell is it angry, this is the perfect way to get the blood pumping just be sure to hide any breakables that maybe nearby before you listen.
‘Hollow’ follows which was released as the teaser single in February and is a completely different beast. The first few minutes finds an angry brooding tempo a stop/start verse riff with some wonderful build of the lead guitar in the background. The vocals (for the first few minutes at least) have changed quite dramatically from the opener, the verse parts sounding like Marilyn Manson during Antichrist whilst the chorus falls to a melody reminiscent of Alice in Chains or solo Ozzy Osbourne. After the three minute mark the song breaks down into a fury of riffs and barks before bouncing back to the chorus. You really have to hear this track to appreciate how well these varied styles work together!

Closing track ‘Invisible’ is also the longest and the most progressive, starting with an acoustic and eastern melodic riff before the harmonized vocals join the mix sounding like Kula Shaker. Its quite a change from the previous tunes having a much more laid back and dreamy feel to its length which increases even more so after the vocals give way to an ambient second half which sees the band play off each other showcasing each of the instruments whilst still sounding spacious before giving way to a resounding feedback finish.
It’s always a wondrous experience listening to Travel Amygdala, you really don’t know what you are going to experience upon each release and I would thoroughly recommend you seek them out and check out both this and ‘This is Nothing’ as soon as possible!
Stream and download available here:

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