Interview with Artificial Language

Prog.Metal.Madness! always strive to be at the cutting edge of the Prog metal scene and when a new band emerges see it as our duty to find out as much as we can about them for your listening pleasure. Our collective ears were a’twitch recently as we heard a tune called “These Aren’t Mirages” from a band unknown to us but rising fast in the states from which they hail, that band is Artificial Language and this is us doing our damdest to find out just what the hell they are up to…

So… Artificial Language… just what the hell are you up to? (see, we cut straight to the point) You’ve snuck in under the radar and already have your debut album lined up, what gives?

We wanted to debut the band with an album right off the bat. just come in right away and show people who we are.

How and when did the band form?

We formed at the end of 2015. We were all members of our local scene in different projects and eventually we all kind of fused into this one. The only member we had to “search” for was our vocalist shay. He’s from Rhode island. But he fit right into the group and from that point on we knew we had something

So who are the band and what are the influences that drive you all?

The band is comprised of Jonathon simpson on keys. Josh Riojas on bass. Jeron Schapansky on drums. Victor corral on 2nd guitar. Charlie Robbins on lead guitar and of course shay Lewis on vocals. We all are inspired by a multitude of things. From film, nature to day to day events. We try to stay positive and through that we find inspiritation every day

Is it hard to get six of you together at the same time and place to rehearse, we were in a duo once and it was a nightmare?

It’s always tough. However, all of us put the band before most things. So we’ll drop whatever we can do get work done. Plus were all great friends so we’d be hanging out even if there wasn’t practice.

We’ve heard “These Aren’t Mirages” the first single from the forthcoming “The Observer” album, we describe it as ‘Wow!’…as words are money and all that, how would you describe it for folk?

We felt “These Aren’t Mirages” (for the most part) embodies the album. It has heavier parts, and more calm sections within the duration of the track. That being said you will find even heavier parts and even calmer sections on the album. This song just gives a little peek  into what you can look forward to.

Tell us as much as you can about “The Observer” and what we can expect from it? …and remind us again just when it comes out

“The Observer” is an 11 track album that releases on April 28.

Whats the future plans for the band? Any touring to support the album?

We would love to get out on the road. As of right now, we’re focused on getting this album out and seeing what the reaction is.

and what are your future goals for the band? Where do you see yourselves in five years time say?

We want to keep busy. We all love writing and creating so we’re hoping to put this album out, establish ourselves and hopefully have the opportunity to keep creating and release another album down the line

Who came up with the name for the band and how?

We bounced ideas back and fourth until we came up with something that we felt represented us and what we had to share.

How have you found the reception to the band so far from listeners?

So far so good. We really appreciate everyone whose shown us support so far. It means the world to us knowing that our music that we feel passionate about is being listened to and enjoyed. Thank you listeners!

If you could give a shout out to one band to take you out on tour who would it be and why?

Steven Wilson is a huge influence. We’d love to tour with him and his band.

You can pre-order the album from iTunes here, the website (which seems to have a full album stream) is here, and Twitter or Facebook.

Listen to the track, “These Aren’t Mirages” below:


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