Podcast 05.06.17

A pretty grotty night out may be but twas hot in the studio…as were the tunes! Thanks for listening, hope you dug it as much as I did, here’s the list of amazing bands I got through this week. Next weeks a UK Tech-Fest special, 2hrs of bands you need to see at this years fest. Join me next Monday at 9pm:

1. Riviere – Satin Night
2. Intervals – I’m Awake
3. Napoleon – Different Skin
4. Soen – Orison
5. Periphery – 22 Faces
6. Sikth – Weavers of Woe
7. Osaka Punch – In or Out
8. Moon Tooth – Forgive Me Snake Ryder
9. Drones – Caged
10. Architects – The Empty Hourglass
11. Good Tiger – Where Are The Birds?
1. Cyborg Octopus – Epiphany
2. Hedfuzy – Hedfuzy
3. Kadinja – Stone of Mourning
4. Logical Terror – Ashes of Fate
5. Circus Maximus – Game of Life
6. No Consequence – Is This A Way To Live?
7. Skyharbor – Out Of Time
8. Clockwork – A Path Beyond
9. Chimp Spanner – Mobius pt.3
10. Black Peaks – Drones

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