Podcast 03.07.2017

Wow, that was a blast! Some bloody tasty tunes tonight from some amazing bands, the music scene is white hot at the mo! Check out the shows playlist below and give the bands some love, unfortunately no show for the next couple of weeks back with a vengeance (and maybe some special guests) on the 24th…see you then!

1. Devin Townsend Project – Kingdom
2. As Paradise Falls – StarBlind
3. Jusska – Cascade
4. Circles – Another Me
5. Pteroglyph – Unaccountable
6. Mr Bungle – Air Conditioned Nightmare
7. Aeon Zen – Remembrance
8. Mutation – Devolution
9. Deadly Circus Fire – Shinigami Falls
10. Amogh Symphony – The Quantum Barrier Code Interpretation Ny Mainframe
11. Beardfish – Green Waves
1. The Interbeing – Spiral Into Existance
2. The Hirsch Effekt – Lifnej
3. Opensight – The Chase
4. Gojira – Stranded
5. KingBathMat – Magnet to Pain
6. Crevassian – Premonition
7. Ihsahn – My Heart is of the North
8. Hundred Suns – Last Apology
9. Deities – Psychonaut
10. Earthside – A Dream in Static

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