Prog.Metal.Madness! LIVE All-Dayer Stage Times!

Join us on Saturday August the 5th for our very first live all-dayer featuring 11 amazing bands from the radio show playlist! The show takes place at the New Cross Inn, London and features Our Hollow, Our Home, Shattered Skies, Sentience, Awooga, Maschine, Fraktions, The Parallax Method, Rosen Bridge, Awakening Hyperia, Dust of Nations and Redwood Avenue! Get there bright and early as the music kicks off from 2pm, here’s the breakdown:


22:20 – Our Hollow, Our Home

21:20 – Shattered Skies

20:25 – Sentience

19:30 – Awooga

18:35 – Maschine

17:45 – Fraktions

16:55 – The Parallax Method

16:10 – Rosen Bridge

15:25 – Awakening Hyperia

14:40 – Dust of Nations

14:00 – Redwood Avenue


Further gig info here: PMM-Live! and advaced tickets available from

See you there!

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