Podcast 19.09.2017

Another week, another Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show. A massive thanks to all the bands for all the amazing music, there’s no show without you! Cheers any and all for listening, here’s what was played. Hope you dug it…until next week!


1. Soen – Sister
2. Shokran – Creatures From The Mud
3. Crevassian – Premonition
4. Good Tiger – The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking
5. Faces of Eve – Rail/Grit/Line
6. Logical Terror – Nowhere to Nowhere
7. Agent – Lunatic
8. Riviere – New Cancer
9. Neck of the Woods – Bottom Feeder
10. Press To Meco – If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole
11. Sumer – End of Sense

1. Between The Buried and Me – Fossil Genera
2. Akord – Levels
3. Circus Maximus – Havok
4. Arcane Roots – Everything (All at Once)
5. Karab – Cornucopia
6. Ayreon – Star of Sirrah
7. Intervals – I’m Awake
8. In Search of Sun – Say It Like You See It
9. You Win Again Gravity – Grace & Focus
10. Porshyne – Nadir (Only for the Best)

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