Balloons Kill Babies – New Video!

Balloons Kill Babies new EP Prodromal has arrived and to punctuate the point, they have released one of the most gorgeously-shot and visually intriguing and alluring videoclips you may have ever seen – it’s the first part of a short film series called the Devil May Care trilogy. Add to that, they are today announcing tour dates around the release of Prodromal.

It’s not Balloons Kill Babies’ first foray into film scoring – this is, in fact their third scoring jaunt (in fact, one of their scores (Isadore, written and directed by Stefani Speerin) was shown at Cannes in 2016.)

The three-piece outfit now features recent addition on drums and percussion, Scott Davey (formerly of Dead Letter Circus and also the mastermind behind Three Tonne Deep). This is their sophomore EP. “Prodromal” was produced by ARIA award winner Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone).

The EP Prodromal is released this Friday – but is already turning heads. Metal Obsession’s Rod Whitfield said that “Australia is producing some of the best vocal-free music on the planet right now, and Balloons Kill Babies should be set to enter a bigger league on the back of this release.” and killyourstereo’s Alex Sievers stating that “‘Prodromal’ is a dynamic, satisfying, well-thought and superbly crafted EP; one that not only flows well between each track but also feels both natural in its sonics and is genuinely authentic in its emotional intent.”

BKB’s guitarist/songwriter Twiggy Carter could not be prouder of the EP – “It’s been a minute since we released our first EP and we basically had to write this EP twice as the inclusion of Scott on drums shifted us sonically and in our ideas, so to be finally here with the record, is a great day. We can’t wait for it to be out there.”

The video for Feb 25 is a collaborative effort between Shots For Bands (Luke McClean) and Jonathan Creed, the creator of the Devil May Care trilogy. It’s the official music video for the Devil May Care short film trilogy – which follows the rise and fall of Ryan O’Connor, the unwilling heir to a violent Irish mafia syndicate. In a trilogy of short films, each covering a different genre of cinema, Ryan is pulled back into a life he ran from as a child and each film covers the events that follow and the damage he inflicts along the way. Depressed and lonely hitman Jack Layendeckers goes on a suicide mission to avenge the death of Olivia, a high class prostitute that he fell in love with during a one night stand at the hands of a fallen Ryan O’Connor. Occurring after he failed to save Olivia and before his suicide mission, Jack retreats to a nature walk by the sea. Tormented by her memory, she haunts him at every turn, appearing around every corner wearing the same red dress from the night they first met. Further and further into the woods he goes, trying desperately to outrun her and his guilt until finally he collapses and breaks down.

Guitarist for the band, Twiggy Carter, said of the clip, “Basically Luke filmed the trilogy and wanted to use the music video to add a little more, Jonathan and BKB were on board with the idea of a collaboration straight away. We were able to sneak a few of our ideas into the video but it was all basically Luke’s vision using our music and Jonathan’s characters. We couldn’t be happier with the result, Luke really took this on as a passion project and put the work in to make sure not just all three parties were happy with the outcome, but that it turned out to be something visually stunning.”

Balloons Kill Babies have played with some of the world’s best contemporary instrumental and prog acts such as AnathemaThe OceanKLONEVoyagerLike ThievesSydoniaHazards of Swimming Naked and more.

Prodromal will be available in iTunes and Spotify and all good online outlets this Friday September 22. For more information, go to

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