Review : In Search of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother!

It may be bad form to start a review for one band by referencing another but I am a huge fan of Dog Fashion Disco and always have been. I went to see them back in 2015 and thankfully arrived in good time to see the opening band of the evening who impressed me so much I had to try and spot one of them in the crowd after and bug them for merch as (which was truly bad form) the promoter hadn’t thought to provide them space at the stand! Luckily I spotted a dark hooded shape within the throng which I discovered to be the bands singer and he had a backpack laden with his bands debut album which I readily purchased. That band of course was In Search of Sun.

I’ve seen them several times since, normally in a support slot and for many different style of show. That is the inherent beauty of the band and their variety of sound, they honestly slot into everything be it a Prog, Tech or more standard rock or metal affair…it will be very interesting to see them in future when they no doubt head shows to see who will be in support of them and with the release of their sophomore album ‘Virgin Funk Mother’ I expect this to be very soon!

With this latest release the band have truly found their feet and direction to place them in with each track feeling meticulously crafted to give you the opposing feelings of both familiarity and uniqueness. There is a surprising depth to each song and its composition which can easily be overlooked due to the driving melodic hooks and often anthemic choruses throughout. Its an album which can easily be put on for a throwaway mood lift before a night out but will also take the scrutiny of a proper and thorough play through.

The albums lead single ‘Say It Like You See It’ kicks off the proceedings with a glorious mix of rock, funk and dare I say it…pop! which instantly have you smiling and singing along whilst the middle eight breaks down into a beautiful instrumental segment before the funk kicks back in reminiscent of Thank You Scientist. ‘Bad Girl’ follows with a play off between the rhythm section before opening up for the vocals to carry a beatifically emotive melody with harmonies that make the chorus section feel huge whilst its latter half slowly twists into darker and more progressive territories.

Virgin Funk Mother is beautifully paced with plenty of variation to keep the listener quite unsure of just what the next track is going to bring or indeed where the current track is going to end up. The feel and tempos writhe in tracks like ‘Petrichor’ and ‘In The Garden’ whilst ‘Motherfunk’ and ‘Mega Piranha’ (the heaviest of the tracks) set a pace and drive which is held throughout their length.

In the second half of the album ‘Never’ shows the band at its most emotional and raw and sits surprisingly well in quite an otherwise upbeat collection. Closing the album is ‘Mon Amour’ the longest track and the albums most progressive, a soulful first half gives way to a playful guitar before a repeated vocal line drops to a build from the rhythm which opens to a beautiful finish. And that’s it, you find yourself reaching to hit play and do it all again as despite its length and variety you can’t help but need more!

We’ve waited a long long time for this album and I’m very happy to tell you that it was well worth it. Plenty of variety, funk stylings interspersed with some massive riffs and killer melodic hooks deliver something which feels at once familiar yet with plenty of aspects to explore and devour.

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