Lithium Dawn – Amazing New Tune!

The amazing Lithium Dawn are back! From the forthcoming and long awaited Tearing Back the Veil II:Awakening here is the first single, ‘Star Driven Machine’ to get your taste buds tingling…and it’s sounding killer!

“As promised, here is the leading single off of Tearing Back the Veil II: Awakening, titled “Star Driven Machine”. It has a bit of everything, and it was pretty difficult to choose any particular song since they are all so different from each other, so what you find here, you may not find elsewhere on the record, and vice versa.

This one was pretty heavily inspired by the Deftones, as it was written immediately after hearing “Leathers” way back in 2012. We kind of went in with making sure everything sounds organic and live. We tuned to double drop D on the eights and went to town.

So please take it in, and if you “liked” this, please leave us a comment. Additionally, if you watch this on youtube, leave some of your thoughts there too. Good feedback is hard to come by.

Finally, you can listen and download the Hi Def version of the song on Bandcamp as well.

Cheers y’all. Looking forward to giving you some more news soon.”

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