Echopraxia – Halloween Inspired Video!

Blackened tech-metal project ECHOPRAXIA has unveiled new video ‘Ratzinger’s Waltz’ taken from Halloween inspired EP Pumpkin Palace, set for release on 31 October.

Check it out here:

Project mastermind Austin Woodward recently gave his top five tips for spooky playing to Gear Gods, check it out here:

ECHOPRAXIA’s second EP is five instrumental cinematic tracks inspired by composer Danny Elfman’s ‘Halloween’ theme, as well as his score for ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Influences also include the jazz innovator Django Reinhardt, the rhythmically aberrant Vildhjarta, the blackened darkness of Dimmu Borgir and J.S. Bach, a cornerstone of western melody.

The resulting combination of these influences is a haunting, abrasive, intricately melodic and dynamically heavy listen, with a cheeky touch of humour.

Pumpkin Palace needs to be the Halloween soundtrack for every metal fan.

Pre-order Pumpkin Palace here:

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