Osaka Punch – New Video!

Clint Boge of The Butterfly Effect. A Dropped Hot Dog. The Fortitude Valley Mall and its denizens. A massive mirrored high heel that doubles as a bicycle. Purple Velvet pants. Some serious FUNK. Breakdown riffs. Put it all together and to be honest, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realise that It could ONLY be an Osaka Punch filmclip.

But you already knew that. This is how Osaka Punch operate. Drop mind-bending, genre-twisting rock track, announce tour dates, get in your face, get sweaty, get dirty (Like, REAL dirty), make you feel REAL good, smoke a cigarette and leave you sweaty, slightly confused and definitely satisfied.

It’s been a cracking year for the Brisbane outfit, who are on tour right now in support of this single. They smashed out 2 tours along the East Coast supporting Lagerstein and Twelve Foot Ninja,played at Bigsound and were in the top 10 most talked about bands at the festival according to Bigsound Buzz, chosen as the main support to The Butterfly Effect’s tour in 2018 and Triple M’s Jane Gazzo reckons they “remind [her] of Faith No More with an Aussie accent – they have great character.”

Their tour has kicked off in Melbourne and Adelaide and is continuing this weekend into Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney, then on to Brisbane, Maroochydore, Bunbury, Margaret River and Perth in November. Tickets for the tour are on sale at

Osaka Punch have forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most wildly entertaining live acts. The group’s distinctive fusion of catchy grooves, jazz chops and a rock ethos sets them apart from most heavy acts, and allows an element of humour and satire in an otherwise very serious scene. Reviewers have been keen to emphasise the crowd-captivating live antics of both the outfit, and it’s charismatic and ceaselessly energetic front man, Jack ‘Muzak’ Venables.

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