PMM Podcast 13.11.17

Mondays 9-11pm sat in this studio chair with the tunes banging through the cans is my happy place, so many damn good bands with amazing tunes out there here’s the drop in the ocean I managed to get through this week:



1. Brutai – Relapse
2. Anas Ibn Malek Abid – Obliterated Visions As The Future Unfolds
3. Hemina – High Kite Ride
4. Silent Descent – Vortex
5. Alaya – Screaming Still
6. Hieroglyph – Mandragora/Lunar
7. Knave – Godspeed, You Meddling Kids!
8. Adimiron – Zero-Sum Game
9. Masiro – Mediatation
10. Fraktions – The Difference Between Drowning and Sinking


1. Aeon Zen – The Entity
2. Mass Sky Raid – Chemical Design
3. Oni – Thrive
4. Plini – Cascade
5. Construct Paradise – Crystal Contemplations
6. Sectile – A Fool’s Reward
7. Final Coil – Alone
8. Behind Crimson Eyes – Stardust
9. Fantomas – Experiment In Terror
10. Lizard Professor – Divining Upwards

Thanks any and all for listening, lets do it again next Monday!

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