Schiermann – Album Stream!

It’s out at last! Instrumental Prog artist CHRIS SCHIERMANN has streamed his new self titled album – ‘Schiermann’ to coincide with the albums release today!

Have a listen:

Throughout the duration of time in which Chris has been writing, his new material certainly possess the qualities in which instrumental quality, technical prowess and undeniable ability are central to the atmospheres created through listening to ‘Schiermann’. The third track ‘Stygian Path’ epitomises this perfectly, describing the long and gruesome battle between ancient warriors through changing riffs, wondrous melodies and contrasting harmonies. Chris’ primary inspiration Randy Rhoads and his distinctive sound is evident in this release, creating new dimensions of finesse and musical intelligence.

Chris has become a well known figure in the technical music community having equipped his Nebraska home with a recording studio, jamming space and BBQ/hang out spots for fellow musicians. On top of this, Chris has performed with the likes of Matt Gartska (Animals as Leaders), Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson) and Dream Theater, making this release not only a celebration of his material but the merging of progressive and tech metal influences.

With a live show in the works, Chris will be touring relentlessly throughout the UK and US throughout 2018.

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