Interview: Auri at The Black Heart. 27th March

I made a last minute decision to travel up to Camden to catch Auri at the Black Heart to satisfy my cravings for discordant, cathartic filth. Auri are a dissonant black metal band who were only playing their sixth live show, opening for Ancst, a German Blackened Crust band signed to Lifeforce Records. I am by no means an expert in Black Metal but I was fascinated by their approach to harmony and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing their ferocious riffs within the intimate setting of the newly refurbished Black Heart. Auri smashed through material from their debut EP ‘The Crown Of Doubt’ however my personal highlight was a sublime atmospheric section during an unreleased song. Make sure to give their facebook page a like and keep an eye out for future releases!

After their set I caught up with Thirteen (Sol), Chiron (Simon) and Lannock (Connell) to discuss the intricacies of composing dissonant music, their approach to production and a band who will remain unnamed…

Below you can stream their debut EP produced by Jonas Johansson (Slice the Cake). As always support the band by purchasing a digital copy if you enjoy what you hear!

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