Review: Boss Keloid – Melted On The Inch!

With only six tracks, clocking in at 40 odd minutes and having thoroughly enjoyed their previous (and much lengthier) album ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’ I approached ‘Melted on The Inch’ feeling a tad short changed. I was wrong, hell I couldn’t have been more wrong. With this, their third full length release, Boss Keloid have absolutely refined their unique sound and created nothing short of the most tightly honed and polished masterpiece which defies its run time.

Despite their influences firmly placed in the stoner, sludge and doom side of metal ‘Melted on the Inch’ sees the band developing massive anthemtic melodies, huge pirate choruses, softer emotive movements and massive waves of riffs all mixed with a huge dollop of prog! It’s the biggest cliche imaginable but I can honestly say it with a straight face with regards to this album, there is something here for every self-respecting metal and prog-head. Album of the year material for sure.

So, to the impossible task of breaking it all down…

‘Melted On The Inch’ expands the experimental sound of ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’, where the latter took a dip in different styles and sounds, the former takes a running dive in, to tremendous effect. Opener ‘Chronosiam’ swings between crashing chords, muted riffs and upbeat playoffs with vocals accompanying in a variety of guttural singing and harmonised melodic hooks. Its big and beautiful, accessible yet defies ‘standard’ song structure to remain interesting throughout.


‘Tarku Shavel’ is a slower, laid back number which soaring melodic verses incorporating a subtle piano which weaves into the main riff and give way to a crushing chorus. A mid-section riff introduces some eastern influences before twisting again to a slow play off between the guitars whilst later on the song plays with some amazing harmony over a wonderfully played down closing riff. ‘Peykruve’ sounds like a dream jam of Mastodon and Beardfish, its tempos constantly changing over its seven minute length with some amazing rhythmical surprises in store, a beautiful marriage of prog and metal.

Retro synth and organ sounds meld together with the haunting chorus and tidal riffs that make up ‘Jromalih’ which is going to sound massive in a live setting! Sure to be a fan favourite. ‘Lokannok’ starts with an almost early 80’s funk synth groove and builds towards a doom laden barrage of riffs led by the reflective vocal story. And sadly we reach the end…but what an end! ‘Griffonbase’ starts subtly enough before smashing into groove led riffs, progressive turns and massive sing-along chorus before the recursive end finishes with the bell that rang in the beginning of the album…a subtle cue that you don’t really need to hit play on the whole thing again!

As a huge fan of both metal and prog this is an album which perfectly blends the two and will provide the listener with plenty to devour and discover through the many many repeated listens that it warrants. I do believe that Boss Keloid have written a damn near faultless classic here which their listeners will be using as the benchmark to compare their (hopefully plentiful) future releases…that’s the cross they have to bear.


Melted On The Inch is out on April the 27th…get yourself a copy here BUY ME NOW!

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