Sad News, The Room Colored Charlatan call it a day!

So, I got this email this morning, sad times…here it is in full (and be sure to check out Bodhi):


After ten years, it is finally time for the chapter in our lives known as The Room Colored Charlatan to come to an end. After Ten years, forty-two songs, countless shows and a bunch of amazing people it is very hard to let this project go as it has become a part of who we are. There are too many people to acknowledge and thank for their support, but if you ever helped us, said kind words, bought a shirt or album, shared our music with a friend, messaged us about how much it meant to you or came to show we are eternally grateful.

With that being said we still have some things we would like everyone to be aware of!

We had begun production on a new record back in 2016 that will never see its final form. However we have decided to release the instrumental (mostly) demos for free on bandcamp and you can find it here:
You can also download our entire digital discography for free on bandcamp while we still have a bandcamp. If you decide to donate it will help with my new project BODHI (discussed below)

There is a very limited amount of physical merch left that can be ordered on bandcamp this includes shirts and cds. The cost we have set them at is only so we don’t lose money on shipping everything is priced essentially as low as it can be please clean out the store! If you have ever wanted a piece of TRCC merch and haven’t pulled the trigger now is the time.

As many of you know, I (Justin Seymour) have released a new progressive instrumental project called BODHI that many TRCC listeners have already begun to support. This project is my main focus and will be for the foreseeable future. I have been extremely happy with the music and the support that I have received after releasing only one 6 song EP. You can also get that EP for FREE here:

If you like progressive music please take 27 minutes to check out that EP and I have a new one that will be released later this year that I am excited about featuring guest solos from members of The Contortionist, Arch Echo and Vitalism.

Thank you for everything,
Justin Seymour and The Room Colored Charlatan

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