Review: Chiasmata – Chiasmata EP!

Did you know that there is something missing from your music life? Nope, I didn’t either, and I certainly didn’t expect that something to be a mashup of styles which at times sounds like a mix of the Cranberries and Meshuggah or Florence and the Machine meets Gojira…but hey, turns out it was!

Chiasmata have just released their debut and self-titled EP and they’ve certainly hit the ground running with this one. Clocking in at just over 30mins despite being made up of just four tunes a hell of a lot of effort and love has gone into this release. From the complexity of the songwriting to the diversity of sounds across it’s length ‘Chiasmata’ (the EP, not the band…this could get confusing) simply oozes style (ok, you could give the band that too!).

First track ‘Subsidia’ lulls you in to a false sense of security with its opening bars which sound like they will lead into a popular 90’s Irish pop band before harsh guitar tones set in a softly sung lead and from then on the band take you on a wild ride of insane riffs, frequent tempo changes and vocal melodies which flit between the sublime and the insane.

‘Vortices’ is the shortest of the four tracks and acts as an instrumental bridge between ‘Subsidia’ and ‘Coalesce’ and is a barrage of instrumental noise from start to finish. The band play full out dispensing more riffs within the three and a half minutes than Slayer produce over an album…hell, maybe their career! Respite is given in the last few bars as a calm descends to lead into ‘Coalesce’…before we are led on yet another journey of tech driven guitars and the sublime vocals of Zoe Gale which refuse to take the obvious methodical path instead treading mysterious and unusual ground which ensures that it withstands repeated listens.

If you have heard the band before then you likely already know the fourth track, their lead single from last year ‘Euphoria’, a ten minute sprawling masterpiece of progressive music which runs out of tricks in the book to play so just goes about creating its own and using them instead. I especially adore the gorgeous harmonies which are layered throughout the track and the open post-metal sound the band conjure through its opening segments…beautiful!

The words progressive metal get bandied around a lot nowadays, seemingly to hide the fact that some bands change their vocal style a few times between verse and chorus or have a weird extended middle eight, there’s only a fraction of bands using this title that actually deserve it. I can tell you for a fact that Chiasmata not only deserve this title but within the 30 minutes of this EP they own it!

I will warn you, this EP needs to be heard in full, at volume, ideally with headphones on…and often. There’s a hell of a lot going on throughout which you will enjoy and discover over repeated listens. If this is just their debut then be sure to watch Chiasmata as they become something huge in the future.

Buy this EP now! From here:

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