Review: Dividium – T.H.R.E.E

Ever had one of them times that you just don’t know what to listen to? Nothing seems to match the mood your in, you want something abrasive and then you want something melodic, you want to shout, you want to croon, you want something technical, you want something rough, you want something long and complex but you want it to the point and memorable. You need search no longer. Dividium, on their new EP T.H.R.E.E have got you covered!

With six tracks spanning just under 30 mins T.H.R.E.E manages to cover a hell of a lot of ground, boasting moments of beautiful technical musicianship to punked out chord bashing, aggressive gutteral barks and shouts to soaring clean melodic passages. “So what” you may say, “there’s plenty of bands in the current scenes who do exactly that”… and you’re right, but f*ck me do these guys know how to write a tune which doesn’t just showcase these elements to strike off some band CV checklist but make them their own.

Lead single ‘Send Nudes’ kicks off the EP with a bright and spacious opening before kicking in to a tight, claustrophobic passage of riffs and shouts. In contrast the chorus is unashamedly catchy in its floating dreamy melody. This juxtaposition is a trick which is used often to create some amazing dynamics between the fast and tight rhythmic sections throughout the EP and the more open and exploratory sections.

Doffing caps to their tech metal peers ‘Would You Kindly’ shows off the bands musical prowess in its relentless and ever shifting barrage whilst second single ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ is more chordal and restrained in its delivery with a chorus which reminds me of the fantastic The Sun Explodes! ‘Nerfed’ swiftly follows with a sledgehammer punk segments into slow anthemic cleans before Peter Delaney’s guitar solo changes the songs dynamic yet again.

My current favourite is ‘The Echo Chamber’ which begins with a brash and loose feel before exploring many styles and elements along its passage, possibly the most ‘prog’ of the tunes on offer it’s a great showcase of the bands talents for both writing and delivery and I can’t wait to hear it live! Neil Bailey’s cleans are especially haunting, memorable without being the obvious choice or direction of the melody you would expect.

The last track ‘Body Harvest’ is also the EP’s longest, but despite its length it’s a compact yet brooding tune which switches between slow, emotionally delivered cleans and industrial heavy rhythms which slam into you with force. Some wonderful harmonies accompany the main chorus which will still be with you a long while after the tune has finished.

T.H.R.E.E finds Dividium in full stride having found their sound, honed their songwriting skills and with great execution delivering a brutal yet heartfelt selection of tunes that you absolutely must check out…whatever your mood!

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