Review : Distorted Harmony – A Way Out

Distorted Harmony are back…and sounding seriously pissed off! This, their third full album ‘A Way Out’ see’s the band reign in (but not completely ignore) their progressive side and fill the gaps with some of the most aggressive riffs I have heard from them. Much punchier songs with tech and djent style guitar tones are evident throughout the length of the album, and it works a treat.

The band made huge waves in 2010 with their debut album Utopia, comprised of five sprawling progressive metal tracks which was at times operatic whilst at others dark and brooding. The follow up ‘Chain Reaction’ saw the band exploring their song writing sensibilities whilst toning down the aggression but that aggression is back in force.

The album starts off in typical Distorted Harmony style with dreamy synth setting the pace for opener ‘Downfall’ before the band join in force with crashing chords. As expected, the vocals are a force unto themselves as they soar above and through the cacophony of sounds, what is unexpected is when towards the end of the track we are treated to a few throaty roars before the band channel their inner Meshuggah with a tight as hell stomper of a riff which breaks up the song perfectly.

I can only assume that the introduction of their new guitarist Yoel Genin has allowed the band to explore their more ‘techy’ side as is noted in the opening bars of ‘Room 11’ and in parts of many of the songs on the album including lead single ‘We Are Free’. If you told me this before I had heard it myself I would have been apprehensive as to how this would work with the bands trademark progressive sound but for me it seems like a seamless transition of sound, a band growing in their talents and adding another string to their (already very well armed) bow!

If you fear change or are worried this new found aggression may not be for you then fear not, Distorted Harmony have not left nor lost the core sound of the band that you fell in love with them for. Softer melodic moments are still strongly present, Misha Soukhinin’s vocals are still as silky smooth as they ever were weaving amazing pictures over the music in wonderful and often surprising melodic direction especially in tracks such as ‘Awaken’ and ‘Time and Time Again’. The songs are tighter, more compact in their delivery and impact yet despite this still ooze creativity and expression.

There are so many great songs on this album, an abundance of ideas and a ridiculous amount of talent shown in its delivery. ‘A Way Out’ is yet another killer of an album from a band which never disappoints! I love the angry Distorted Harmony…is it wrong to hope they stay pissed off?!


Due out July 19th 2018, grab yourself a copy here:

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