Shattered Skies – New Music and Album Pre-order!

Following the recent release of lead single ‘You Will Know My Name’, which can you view here:

prog warriors Shattered Skies are poised to release their forthcoming album ‘Muted Neon’, which is out on November 16th 2018 and now available to pre-order on Bandcamp alongside merch bundles!

Shattered Skies have released a new track called ‘Shut In’ from the album, alongside a full band playthrough, which you can view here!

Ian Rockett, guitarist, says this about the track:

“Shut In is very much about my struggles with anxiety, and feeling insecure, purposeless and stuck at times. It deals with the feelings you get from over-consuming social media, and how that can often make you feel envious, or underachieving.

At times I feel overwhelmed and paralysed about which direction to take in my life, and it can all pile on up on you and make you feel like just staying at home, or staying in bed, and not trying to pursue anything or take any risks. This song is about processing those feelings, and learning to be aware of them, and ultimately doing your best to overcome them, because life is worth trying to get the most out of it.”


Boasting a colourful, atmospherically slick exploration of sound, Shattered Skies’ sophomore album promises captivating melodies, memorable hooks and an intense, prog-fuelled experience. Equal parts aggression, beauty and expert musicianship, ‘Muted Neon’ is sure to quickly rise to the status of “fan favourite”.

Despite the apparently dark underlying message featured in ‘You Will Know My Name’, the theatrical quartet hope to convey an overall message of hope with ‘Muted Neon’. Vocalist Gerry Brown offers the following thoughts on the positive outcomes that inspired the album’s content…born of Shattered Skies’ brushes with hardship:

“There’s a myth that artists need to suffer or be depressed to put out their best work, but it’s not quite right. The truth is we had to come out the other side of that struggle to create this. We’ve been through depression, anxiety, stress – we’ve moved countries, watched family have to rebuild their lives. We’ve watched the world go mad and celebrate it on 24/7 news channels. This album isn’t just about that struggle – it’s about the triumph over it.”

Shattered Skies have battled the winds of change against their sound and line-up, but have undoubtedly come out on top since moving from Ireland to the UK to pursue their musical career. Having conquered the likes of UK Tech Fest, Progpower Europe and Euroblast, the band have racked up nominations for the Progressive Music Awards and even more. With their gaze fixed firmly on the horizon, Shattered Skies are looking to continue their progressive rise to success, moving at full speed.

Shattered Skies is

Gerry Brown – Vocals

Chris Borland – Bass

Ross McMahon – Drums, Synth Programming, Mixing

Ian Rockett – Guitar, Keyboards, Synth Programming, Backing Vocals

Shattered Skies Online


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