Interview with The Parallax Method

We at PMM towers are big fans of The Parallax Method – they’re an amazing band and a cracking bunch of blokes to boot. So, we interviewed them (again), but this time, decided to dispense with the usual, boring, music journo crap and ask the REAL questions we know you’re all dying to hear.

How is your temporary bassist working out? When will you be getting a real one?

Quite frankly, he’s exceeded all our expectations. Considering he was supposed to leave the band after the second EP based upon our general bass players contract agreements, he’s somehow managed to muster up the time and energy to continue to be a part of our creative vision moving forwards.

Maybe one day he will somehow lose his passion for his beautifully crafted musical gift and take up another means of entertainment to fill his day. He is rather fond of cold showers in the autumnal months and chasing squirrels around the local cabbage field. This may well be his next creative venture. Developing a board game loosely around this concept. I for one would certainly invest in such a spiffing business venture.

Why did you make a video?

We obviously had money to burn and time to waste on such an inadequate visual presentation featuring our catchy radio friendly single. But the underlying message is ‘Be Excellent to each other.’

I hear rumours that the video is going to be featured as an advert for the NHS in which it helps promote the safe daily allowance of E numbers and possible side effects.

Who came up with the idea for something so bonkers? When will they be sacked?

The concept was developed by Brett Turner of All Videos Production. We were aiming for a HD version of ‘In the Night Garden.’ Brett is now currently being investigated for the illegal trading of Madagascan Vanilla scented candles throughout South East Asia.

Are you planning to make more videos? Your songs are quite long, maybe you could score a movie?

Based upon the overwhelming success (cough cough) and general baffling reaction from this video we might have to up the stakes next time and do something a little more unusual.
Our music is obviously pretty simple, extremely easy listening and in no way forgettable, so we aim to approach the next season of ‘The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice.’

Maybe we could start a spin off show, ‘The Great British Prog Off – An extra note.’

People are growing tired of the fret-wanking, will you ever be laying down some pure funk beats or Staind style ballads?

Well now you’ve ruined the element of surprise.

You’re also laying down a solo-album of country music, my line dancing nana will be pleased, how do you justify keeping your braying fans waiting so long for a Parallax release?

Yes, Danny’s solo album is almost complete. Please send our love and regards to your line dancing Nana.

Parallax is an ever changing entity that needs time to grow and develop. These things cannot be rushed or hurried along like a dilly-dallying toddler in a Gruffalo suit. Each note is crafted using only the positive energy from the Earth’s mantle, the remains of an empty pint glass and a stylish vegan’s trench coat. When the stars have aligned and these owls touch heads the process will be complete.

In other words, we’re all really busy and trying our best.

We all know there’s new music from TPM in the works, can you give us an idea of when it might see the light of day? And what is this mystical “tracking” that you keep using as an excuse for it’s lack of being in my ears?

We don’t like making and breaking promises but we are hopeful for a Summer 2019 release. The recording process is long and very much involved. Enjoyable nonetheless.

‘Tracking’ is an excuse we use for not actually being able to perform and capture the material accurately.
‘Tone chasing’ is code for stalling the recording process due to incredible self doubt of the previous.

With a little elbow grease, copious cups of teas and biscuits, and a helpful serving of Logic Pro editing software we will hopefully be able to create an enjoyable and believable audible experience.

Up to now, you’ve made EPs in TPM, now you’re prepping an album. Why?

Because, Prog Metal Madness, you keep asking us to release a full length album instead of another EP, which would be a lot easier and your wish is indeed our command.


Will you be doing a tour, and some new merch for the new album?

We would love to tour and perform the album. We are considering a string of ‘Come Prog with me’ events around the country. The concept behind this is an evening of TPM live music performed badly with a healthy serving of Port and cheese at your choice of venue. Please get in contact for booking availability.

New merch will probably feature a selection of bread knives, tortoise jackets and a new line of lingerie.


We would love to do it but we only have 19 fans throughout the world.

If you had to choose between supporting Creed, LimpBizkit (on the Starfish tour) or Nickleback, who would it be and why?

Depends on the circumstances really.

  • Creed ; if they perform in ‘Creed Shreds’ style.
  • Limp Bizkit; if we are allowed to paint Wes Borland.
  • Nickelback; if they perform using 8 strings and pogo sticks.

What is your favourite online music news site?

This one! [Awwwww, shucks – Ed]

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