Podcast 2019.07.01

Thanks any and all for listening to the Penultimate.Metal.Madness! and thanks to Twelve Foot Ninja for being a dream to interview! Be sure to tune in to the last Prog.Metal.Madness! party fom 7-11pm Monday 15th July only on Ridge Radio. Heres what was played tonight!


1. Astronoid – A New Colour 
2. The Contortionist – Early Grave 
3. Naberus – My Favorite Memory 
4. Deity’s Muse – Sleep/Escape 
5. Lord Dying – Envy The End 
6. Auras – The Demoness 
7. Oh. – Dragon’s Kiss 
8. Meridian Sun – The Curse


1. Oceans of Slumber – Etiolation 
2. Phoxjaw – Monday Man 
3. The Omnific – Objets De Vertu 
4. Twelve Foot Ninja – One Hand Killing 
5. Twelve Foot Ninja – INTERVIEW 
6. Twelve Foot Ninja – Mother Sky 
7. Valis Ablaze – The Convincer 
8. Kadinja – House of Cards 
9. The Ocean – Permian: The Great Dying

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