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Podcast 2018-07-09

The show tonight was a sweet mix of New and classic tunes plus music, interview and track pronunciation guide from the amazing Chris Schiermann, hope you enjoyed it, podcast will be up in next few days…here’s what you heard:


1. Sikth – The Aura
2. Annisokay – Unaware
3. Aeon Zen – Sould Machine
4. Dan Thornton – It Will Kill What It Created
5. Black Peaks – Home
6. Aren Drift – Snow Queen
7. Textures – Old Days Born Anew
8. Daybreak – Acid Green
9. Temples on Mars – When Gods Collide
10. Hyvmine – The Epicoustic

1. Amplifier – The Commotion (Big Time Party Maker)
2. Schiermann – Northern Lights
3. Schiermann – Interview pt.1
4. Schiermann – Amarantine
5. Schiermann – Interview pt.2
6. Schiermann – A New Day


Podcast 2018.04.09

Another two hours of top notch tunage tonight from these talented buggers…join me again next Monday from 9pm BST for loads more! Thanks for listening 😀 PMM-Show-105-090418 Set-1 1. Ramage Inc....


PMM – Top 25 Releases of the Year!

2017 has been a musical steamroller of a year for Prog.Metal.Madness! Both the listener count and readership has gone from strength to strength, we have been guests at some amazing gigs and festivals,...


PMM – Amplifier Take-Over!

Special announcement! Sel Balamir of Amplifier is taking over Mondays Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show! Yes, we have the man and legend joining us in the studio on Monday the 4th of Dec from 9pm GMT for a...


Podcast 27.11.17

Thanks for listening to the show, heres the groovy tunes that made it! Tune in next week for a very special takeover show with Amplifier! I can’t wait!! PMM-Show-90-271117 Set-1 1. Protest The Hero...


Amplifier – UK Tour Dates!

The legendary Amplifier have released their first UK tour dates for 2018! Riding off of last years Trippin’ With Dr Faustus album the band have been asking for fan votes to decide the set-list for...


Podcast 16.10.17

Prog.Metal.Madness! was brought to you this merry evening with the aid of these stunning bands! Be sure to check them all out and I hope to catch you next week from 9pm on Ridge Radio! PMM-Show-84-161017...

Album ReviewNews

Review : Thumpermonkey – Electricity

2018 is fast approaching and with it brings the promise of Thumpermonkey’s forthcoming LP ‘Make Me Young, Etc’ but to bridge the gap before its arrival the band have very generously...


Podcast 31.07.17

This weeks show is up as a podcast for anyone who missed it! Plenty of great Prog and Tech metal tunes for the so inclined as well as a great interview with the amazing Toska from this years UK Tech-Fest!...

Album ReviewNews

Review of Amplifiers Trippin’ With Dr Faustus by a salivating fanboy.

Let me get this out of the way first. I frickin’ love Amplifier. They are my favourite band. The first album each of my three kids ever heard (on the way home from the hospital most of them) was an...