Podcast 2018-07-09

The show tonight was a sweet mix of New and classic tunes plus music, interview and track pronunciation guide from the amazing Chris Schiermann, hope you enjoyed it, podcast will be up in next few days…here’s what you heard:


1. Sikth – The Aura
2. Annisokay – Unaware
3. Aeon Zen – Sould Machine
4. Dan Thornton – It Will Kill What It Created
5. Black Peaks – Home
6. Aren Drift – Snow Queen
7. Textures – Old Days Born Anew
8. Daybreak – Acid Green
9. Temples on Mars – When Gods Collide
10. Hyvmine – The Epicoustic

1. Amplifier – The Commotion (Big Time Party Maker)
2. Schiermann – Northern Lights
3. Schiermann – Interview pt.1
4. Schiermann – Amarantine
5. Schiermann – Interview pt.2
6. Schiermann – A New Day

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