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Podcast 2018.02.19

Thanks everyone for supporting Prog.Metal.Madness! without you I wouldn’t and couldn’t have taken it to this, the 100th show! …and it was a cracker, here’s what you heard:


1. In Search of Sun – In Search of Sun
2. Circles – Blueprints for a Great Escape
3. Crevassian – Premonition
4. As Everything Unfolds – The Astral Project
5. Core of IO – Hit The River Hard
6. The Fierce & The Dead – Truck
7. The Fierce & The Dead – INTERVIEW
8. The Fierce & The Dead – Palm Trees

1. Opensight – Alibi
2. Lycanthrope – Skin & Bones
3. Deadly Circus Fire – Shinigami Falls
4. Barrabus – My Nightmare As A Reality TV Contestant
5. Flies Are Spies From Hell – Fail Better
6. Earthtone9 – Star Damage For Beginners
7. Arcaeon – Mind’s Eye
8. Quella – Human Fireball
9. Defences – Grow
10. M.I.N.D – Soul Rise

Same time next week?


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