Prog.Metal.Madness! – SHOW 100!!!

A massive Happy Birthday to Prog.Metal.Madness! it’s our 100th show this coming Monday 19th of February at 9pm GMT on Ridge Radio!

Another huge selection of the best underground sounds, Matt Stevens of The Fierce And The Dead will be talking to us about their upcoming tour and album, new music from M.I.N.D, Circles and Lycanthrope as well as tunes from all the bands on the Prog.Metal.Madness! Live! All-Dayer: In Search of Sun, Deadly Circus Fire, Barrabus, Defences, Arcaeon, Flies Are Spies From Hell, Core of IO, As Everything Unfolds, Opensight, Crevassian and Quella…plus more!

So be sure to tune in to Prog.Metal.Madness! on Ridge Radio this coming Monday from 9pm GMT for the very latest and greatest in underground metal!

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