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Podcast 2018.02.19

Thanks everyone for supporting Prog.Metal.Madness! without you I wouldn’t and couldn’t have taken it to this, the 100th show! …and it was a cracker, here’s what you heard:


1. In Search of Sun – In Search of Sun
2. Circles – Blueprints for a Great Escape
3. Crevassian – Premonition
4. As Everything Unfolds – The Astral Project
5. Core of IO – Hit The River Hard
6. The Fierce & The Dead – Truck
7. The Fierce & The Dead – INTERVIEW
8. The Fierce & The Dead – Palm Trees

1. Opensight – Alibi
2. Lycanthrope – Skin & Bones
3. Deadly Circus Fire – Shinigami Falls
4. Barrabus – My Nightmare As A Reality TV Contestant
5. Flies Are Spies From Hell – Fail Better
6. Earthtone9 – Star Damage For Beginners
7. Arcaeon – Mind’s Eye
8. Quella – Human Fireball
9. Defences – Grow
10. M.I.N.D – Soul Rise

Same time next week?


Podcast 27.11.17

Thanks for listening to the show, heres the groovy tunes that made it! Tune in next week for a very special takeover show with Amplifier! I can’t wait!! PMM-Show-90-271117 Set-1 1. Protest The Hero...


Podcast 21.08.2017

Another eclectic mix, get your ear-drums around this lot! PMM-Show-76-210817 Set-1 1. Northlane – Citizen 2. Arch Echo – Afterburger 3. Defences – Two Steps Back 4. Artificial Language...


PMM – Show Update!

After a long wait Prog.Metal.Madness! is back on the radio this coming Monday night (21st) from 9pm BST to play you some of the very best tunes from the greatest and latest bands on the fringe metal...


PMM – Show Update!

Prog.Metal.Madness! is back in earnest this coming Monday 24th at 9pm BST on Ridge Radio! Be sure to tune in to listen to the latest and greatest tracks from the fringe metal scenes. New tunes abound...


PMM – Show Update!

The Prog.Metal.Madness! show this coming Monday (21st Nov) on Ridge Radio at 9pm GMT will give you that funny feeling in your tummy! So many great tunes from the Prog and Tech scenes that your gonna need...


Earthtone9 – One Off London Show!

Post metallers earthtone9 will play a rare live show at the London Underworld on Sept 9. This will be the first performance since 2013! “We are close to celebrating the twentieth anniversary of forming...