Podcast 2018-08-20

Hope you enjoyed the show tonight, big up to Arch Echo for taking the time to talk to us at this years UK-Tech Fest and big love to all the bands who released such great tracks for me to share with you…they were:


1. The Tumor Called Marla – Stainglory
2. Oh – Bee
3. Orchestrate The End – The Decleration of Madness
4. Skyharbor – Dissent
5. Prognosis – High Road
6. An Endless Sporadic – Finding The Falls
7. Erra – Valhalla
8. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Truth Escapes
9. Veil of Maya – Doublespeak
10. Earthtone9 – Walking Day

1. Time, The Valuator – The Violent Sound
2. Circles – Dream Sequence
3. Dog Fashion Disco – Worm In A Dogs Heart
4. Monuments – A.W.O.L
5. Arch Echo – Afterburger
6. Arch Echo – Interview pt.1
7. Arch Echo – Hip Dipper
8. Arch Echo – Interview pt.2
9. Arch Echo Spark
10. Deity’s Muse – Ascendance

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