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Podcast 2018.11.05

Another mad musical mashup on this weeks show, thanks for checking it out, big love to the bands who made up the playlist! Be sure to tune in to next weeks Prog.Metal.Madness! for loads more, until then here’s what was played:


1. Shading – Abyss
2. Haken – Nil By Mouth
3. Hypophora – Sorcerers
4. Novelists – Eyes Wide Shut
5. Four Stroke Baron – Planet Silver Screen
6. Melancholia – Reification
7. AlithiA – The Sun
8. Crevassian – Firmament
9. Quella – Cabinet of Horrors
10. Core of iO – Hit The River Hard

1. The Noumenon – Prism of Naught
2. Phoxjaw – Lottery
3. Vola – Whaler
4. Elyne – Stand Tall
5. Brutai – Upside Down
6. The Five Hundred – Seduced By Shadows
7. Tool – Schism
8. Jinjer – Ape
9. Gold Key – Mechanical World
10. Voices From The Fuselage – Vestibule of Hell
11. Five The Hierophant – Queen Over Phlegethon


Hypophora – New Single and Video!

Hailing from the Cornish city of Truro, the fierce alt-rock quartet Hypophora have followed the recent release of their latest album ‘Douse’ with the unveiling of a new video single! Framing the...


Podcast 2018.09.24

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the show, hope you found your new fave band! Here’s what was on this weeks musically mental mix tape: PMM-Show-125-240918 Set-1 1. Architects – Hereafter 2....


PMM – Show 125 Update!

On Mondays Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show we have music and an interview from the amazing Black Peaks, the very latest tunes from Shading, Gaia, Architects, Villianous, Alithia, Summit and Hypophora as...

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Review : Hypophora – Douse

Despite being together for over half a decade and an immense amount of shows under their belts it has taken until now for Hypophora to finally release their debut album ‘Douse’. I am so happy...


Podcast 2018-08-27

Thanks for checking out this weeks show and a massive thanks to all the bands who made it what it was…here they are: PMM-Show-122-270818 Set-1 1. Boss Keloid – Tarku Shavel 2. Crystal Lake...


PMM – Show 122 Update!

Another great mix of underground sounds is coming your way on Monday’s Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show. This week: new tunes from Vola, Crystal Lake, Mobius, The Mechanist and Hypophora, some amazing...


Podcast 2018.06.25

Another eclectic mix for you on tonight’s Prog.Metal.Madness! Hope you enjoyed the show. The podcast will be up in the next few days so keep an eye out, until then here’s what was played:...


PMM – Show 115 Update!

On Mondays Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show I’ll be playing new tracks from The Five Hundred, Sleep Token, Dance Gavin Dance, Sum of Us, Distorted Harmony, Hypophora and Aerials as well as fantastic...


PMM – Show Update!

2018 kicks off with a bang on the Prog.Metal.Madness! radio show as we have some amazing new releases to play for you from Desiign, Bailer, Crevassian, Deadly Circus Fire, Jinjer and Abraham Sarache as...