Hypophora – New Single and Video!

Hailing from the Cornish city of Truro, the fierce alt-rock quartet Hypophora have followed the recent release of their latest album ‘Douse’ with the unveiling of a new video single! Framing the track’s large, meaty guitar riffs with vibrant colours and the visual grace and beauty of ballet, the accompanying video for latest single ‘Sorcerers’ certainly leaves a lasting impression!

Check it out here:

On the lyrical inspirations for the single, vocalist Katie McConnell is forthcoming about the meaning behind this track.

“‘Sorcerers’ was written right in the middle of a very a emotional time – a break up, as you may be able to tell from the lyrics! It’s one of the most brutally honest songs I’ve ever written and has a lot of personal meaning. I’m usually all about keeping lyrics vague and relatable for listeners, but even though this song keeps that trend, there are a lot of private references in there…just for me. It’s one of my favorite songs to sing live, as it’s one I can properly shout out and the lyrics really help get the aggression out!

The main theme of the song is simple enough; you should be the one in control of your own emotions, rather than being ruled by anyone else. You don’t have to wait around for anyone or anything – if you want to be happy, you can do that without relying on others.

This track is a kind of emotional release, both for me and for everyone out there listening to it. Accepting that you’re hurt, that you’re angry, but that most importantly, these feelings are temporary and everything will be okay soon.”

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